Ner Tamid Reinventing Ritual

Ner Tamid Reinventing Ritual

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3M Color Radiant Film and Wire

The Jewish Museum, New York

Purchase: Contemporary Judaica Acquisitions Committee Fund, 2005-33

Ritual: The ner tamid (eternal light), a perpetually illuminated lamp, hovers directly above the ark in every synagogue to symbolize the presence of God. In previous times the source of the light was burning oil, but today gas, electricity, or solar power may generate light.

Reinvention: The artist employs a flexible treated film, used in industrial and architectural contexts as well as for specialty and novelty items like gift bows, for its special ability to reflect light.

Delight, wonder, and awe are the conditions necessary for the spiritual reception and recognition of the Divine in our midst. The world as we know it is a shadow, a great and splendiferously projecting reflection.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Cheselyn Amato