Effluxes | Outpourings | Pouring Forth

Effluxes is a word that means outpouring or pouring forth. Color radiant film is activated by light. The hue/color/frequency of the light is determined by the angle of the light source to the material. The various colored light effects both project through and reflect from the surfaces of the flexible radiant film. This nearly immaterial material comes alive only by light. Light begets light through projection and refraction and absorption and reflection. The thing itself and the effects of projecting and reflecting light become undifferentiated. Liminality is presented; phenomenal and noumenal become one.

Still from Cheselyn’s ritual performance  in concert with her installation, “Effluxes in the Flower Garden” during the opening event of the exhibition, The Hidden Garden, Borowsky Gallery, Gershman JCC, Philadelphia, PA, 2005

Still from Cheselyn’s ritual performance in conjunction with her “Ner Tamid” during opening event of the exhibition, Reinventing Ritual, at the Jewish Museum, NYC, 2009

Image for cover of the book, Promised Lands: New Jewish Fiction on Longing and Belonging, edited by Derek Rubin, Brandeis University, 2010

The First Temple, 2009

Suspended Efflux Series, 2017

Water Sanctuary: I am the Wizard of Oz, 2010

“Ner Tamid” in the The Dorothy Saxe Invitational: Ner Tamid, Spertus Museum of Judaica, Chicago, IL, 2005, exhibition traveled to the Jewish Museum, NYC  in 2009 and to the Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco in 2010

“Miriam’s Well: The Wondrous Well in the Desert” in the exhibition, Dura Europos, Philadelphia Art Museum, PA, 2010

“Seder Plate” in the exhibition, Old Story, New Works: 80 Artists at the Passover Table, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, CA, 2009