Swag With Love

Swag With Love

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Snapshots & Stills from An Impassioned Life Lived Every Day

Capturing the Eternal and Continuous Love Song

A Circumstance Enacted by Cheselyn Amato

How amazing that sublimity, awe, wonder and delight are embodied in every infinitesimal frame that we choose to see. The frame – like a snapshot or moving image still – captures an instant that does not otherwise exist. The key to heightened experience – imbued experience – is simply paying attention – making oneself available to receive transmission that is going on continuously all the time. The act of noticing offers so much.

Paying attention and noticing govern my aesthetic practice as a visual artist, and as a poet and ceremony celebrant. I am fueled by the desire to create conditions and circumstances that encourage and enable the sounding and receiving of resonances and outpourings meant for each one of us.

Experiencing sublimity, awe, wonder and delight can beget an impassioned life lived every day. The waters above and the waters below are separated, by us. We, humanity, are like a gesture, like the effect of the wind – interrupting, disrupting continuity. We are also eruptions arising out of continuity. We are ourselves a kind of divider or baffle or gap between. We are a swag, a swish, a spiral, a swoon, a swirl, billow, curl, and furl. We are waves and trajectories intersecting every which way whenever. And so, and yet, reality not being as it seems, still we exist in the illusion of shared time and space together. Together we traverse time and space as we experience it, and we catch flashes, glimpses, snippets, clips, and blips that frame and amplify the mystery of all that is.