Blessing for Healing Lost, Reckless and Itinerant Entities

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Prayer for Healing the Broken Heart and Celebrating the Wonder of Renewal Cheselyn Amato–7.17.2020

May the imbalances that have made room for COVID-19 coronavirus be healed. May the vulnerability for the emergence and rooting of dis-ease that has been created by imbalance be countered by generative and calibrating energies for a sustaining and sustainable world created anew.

May the dis-ease borne of imbalance be healed.
May the imbalance borne of dis-ease be healed.

May the conditions by which dis-ease and imbalance arise be healed.

May the conditions that foment, encourage, nurture and nourish imbalance and dis-ease be deconstructed and dismantled and replaced by those that affirm and emphasize the maintenance and sustenance of balance and abundance for all.

Let us be curious and proactive to let no organism become neglected and its source of survival and wellbeing ignored.

Let us-inequality, with equity, and in fairness under the umbrella of justice-recognize, love and care for the forest through the trees and the trees through the forest.

What are the conditions that have allowed this coronavirus to develop such a voracious, craving appetite that, like a wild stampeding crowd trampling its constituents,consumes its hosts without thought or feeling?

Genocides start similarly to ravaging microbial onslaughts: a hopeless, aimless vacuum opens up by entropy and random collaboration that enables calculating entities to design and execute merciless extermination. Such calculated destruction is penultimately effected-so cataclysmically dangerous and insidiously cruel–by taking advantage of the vulnerability inherent in banality and cluelessness. The coronavirus takes advantage by its brilliantly designed crowns to capture and bond by trickery with the vulnerable, creating a system of lethality delivered and propagated by the vulnerable against the yet more vulnerable.

The occurrence of imbalance suggests that the balance that may have existed before begins tipping at some point until finally it is no longer balance.

May the conditions that have created the possibility for this pandemic be righted. May a new balance emerge that dissolves the conditions by which COVID is thriving. As balance is created, so COVID’s yearning for hosts shall diminish.

Let us focus and apply the healing energy of our collective souls-our hearts, minds, and bodies-to the creation of that which will bind to and satisfy the COVID’s yearning crowns. Let us mobilize our collective positive creative resources and capacities to discern a partner for Covid-19 coronavirus that meets its needs and gives humanity an opportunity to persist and persevere in the process of self-actualization. Assist coronavirus to find the belonging that it seeks, the antidote to its yearning. Show coronavirus a way to meet its needs and let us go. May the imbalance that has left COVID hungry and wild be replaced by a new balance and may this virulent, ravaging phenomenon be finally satiated,retreating to a place of rest and integration in a just world.

Let us say: Please, may there be healing–a full, complete healing–may it be so.