Meditation in the Human Body

Meditations on the Human Body

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These gouache images are, in effect, composites or layerings of different dimensions that have similar structures and which are rooted in, borne out of, reflected in and subsumed by one another. There is a marvelous, revelatory and catapulting similarity in both structure and proportionality in the images of the universe, time, space, the human body, consciousness, and divinity. I use points, horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, circles and ellipses; mystical charts and descriptions of creation; and categorizations as modes operandi to construct these images.

Tools of geometry are used to create representations of: 1) the human body based on verticals and horizontals drawn through the mind’s eye, the eye, voice, heart, breasts, solar plexis, belly button, and genetalia. 2) consciousness which is has the following locii – spirit, soul, intellect(mind), psyche, eros, viscera. 3) the Ten Sef”rrot which are Keter (Crown), Hokhmah (Wisdom), Binah (Understanding), Gevurah (Strength), Chesed (Love), Tiferet (Beauty), Hod (Splendor), Netzach (Victory), Yesod (Foundation), and Malkhut (Kingdom). This approach was derived primarily through personal intuition, through meditation on my own body. In a sense they are self-portraits. I concentrated on discerning both the anima and animus, my male and female aspects. I discovered post-fact that my derivations looked similar to the structure of the chakras and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. This occurence became a proof to me that archetypes are in fact the result of human experience. In other words, the archetypes are within us and can be accessed (and derived) by independent means, i.e. by each individual as it is, in effect, only a matter of purpose, need, desire and focus. For me personally, this experience also becomes a kind of confirmation and affirmation of ineffable presence because it is a gift that each of us can access the mysteries.