Big Issues - Time’s Up

Big Issues – Time’s Up

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May 31 through June 30, 2018

Inspired by the #METOO/TIMESUP movements and the affirming #WESAIDENOUGH statement made in Sacramento at the State Capitol in October 2017, this invitational exhibit is conceived as an artistic platform to discuss this historic revolution/evolution time in our culture. For too long the experiences of many have been kept secret due to the exploitive power of individuals who threaten the physical, economic and emotional wellbeing of the vulnerable. In response to this social earthquake, JAYJAY presents; #TIMES UP, BIG ISSUES SMALL PIECES, an exhibition that aims to support the fight to expose and end sexual harassment and abuse forever. 10% of profit from artwork sold will be split between the Times Up Defense Fund and the We Said Enough Equity fund.

Cheselyn Amato speaks to justice and injustice in paired works in which narratives are constructed of silhouetted images that tell the story of tribulation on the one hand and the possibility of resilience and triumph on the other. It is by the spectral illumination of the torch of disclosure that the world can change and it is each and every one of us who has the right and responsibility to keep it lit and direct its beams to reveal hate, harm and injustice, to enflame courage, hope and advocacy, and to envisage and celebrate transformation and triumph.

Exhibiting Artists:

Suzanne Adan, Cheselyn Amato, Omar Thor Arason, Tavarus Blackmon, Mark Boguski, Angela Casagrande,Nathan Cordero, Julia Couzens, Roma Devanbu, Glenda Drew, Ianna Frisby, Robin Hill,

S.R. Jones, Pantea, Karimi, Annell Livingston, Kris Lyons, Jeff Mayry, Robert Ortbal, Kim Scott,

Charles Seerey, Mike Stevens, Katie Thomas, Roger Vail, Galelyn Williams, Jiayi Young.