The Efflux Store offers tangible and intangible products. Efflux means outpouring, pouring forth, flowing out and that is exactly the intention of the efflux store: to provide the means for inspiring the outpouring and flowing forth of light and meaning in your life every day.

All work is available for purchase. Cheselyn’s approach to art-making is site-contingent, namely, that each experience she creates may be specifically tailored to maximize effectiveness in each location, place or space.

In addition to her role as educator and artist, Cheselyn creates aesthetic and edifying effects for all and any special occasion, event or ritual – and for the everyday every day. She will design and install temporary or permanent visual experiences for the individual, private, home, residential, group, public, spaces for spirituality and sanctity, office, business, commercial, organization, agency, educational institution, healthcare and well-being services or for any other context or community. In addition to designing and making imbued objects and places, she offers services as a facilitator, conductor, leader, consultant, guide, mentor and advisor for the construction and enactment of direct interactive aesthetic experiences, scripts, services and programs.

For purchase including pre-exisiting works and work on commission:

Efflux sculptural works

Works on paper

Archival digital images on paper and stretched canvas: scaled to purpose including mural-size works for permanent and temporary settings.



Sound works

Book cover images

Temporary visual spectacles

Window display: design and installation

Please contact Cheselyn for prices on existing works as well as for commissioned works, installations, ritual and event design and facilitation.



Sample Price List



Effluxes/Lightworks Sculptures:

Descend Deep into the Heart of the Flame…. $1200

Ner Tamid/Eternal Light (Ner Tamid Invitational,  Spertus Museum, Chicago; Reinventing Ritual, The Jewish Museum, NYC and the Contemporary Jewish Museum, SF)….$1200

Miriam’s Well: The Wondrous Well in the Desert (Dura Europos Project, The Jewish Museum of Philalphia)….$1800

Shekinah/Indwelling Presence: Sanctuary in Time….$2200

Seder Plate (Old Story/New Works, CJM and Seduced by the Sacred, JCC/Charter Oak, Hartford CT)….$3200



Unframed, 18” x 24” ….$18

Framed, 18” x 24”….$45

Archival Digital Prints on Canvas


Miriam’s Well, giclee on canvas, unframed, 30” x 30”….$800

Archival digital prints on paper, unframed, 23” x 32″….$700

*Contact Cheselyn Amato to discuss prices for commissioned projects and for all other work as per interest.*