Judaic Emphasis

Recent installments and works that explore and emphasize Judaism.

Reinventing Ritual

The Jewish Museum, NYC
Ner Tamid/Eternal Light

Reinventing Ritual

The Contemporary Jewish Museum, SF
April 22 – October 3, 2010

Flower Garden (22/231: On the Way to Ecstasy)

Flatlanders: Regional Round-Up, Nelson Art Gallery, UC Davis, 2008

The Holy of Holies Series

Digitally-printed Collage/Assemblage

The Women’s Gallery

Shekinah — Indwelling Presence
Binah – Understanding
Behold the Sabbath Bride

Liberation Garden: Healing & Redemption After Slavery

Window Installation
Afikomen Judaica, Berkely, CA
Ritual Performance: June 6, 2010 at 3pm

Overt and Covert Identities

Interfacing Abrahamic Religions 
Subverting Evil and Counter Oppression

Gathering the Tribe 

Sacred Family

G-d’s Desire

Envisioning the Tabernacle and the Tent of Meeting
Labor of Love, the Spark Machine and the Burning Bush
Model and Collage Studies
Ongoing Project: 2006 – 2020

Etz Chayyim – Tree of Life

Hidden Treasure, Secret Codes, Simple Trut

Embedded Evidence of Presence

Holiness is Everywhere

Uncontrollable Beauty

An Odyssey | 231 Jewels | Building My Mount Sinai
Everything We Need is Always With Us