Heart + Mind + Action + Together = Healing and Thriving

A wall installation of machine embroidery on fabric stretched on panels, is a call to contemplation and action. In this work, Cheselyn invites the viewer to both contemplate personal and communal experience, meaning and purpose as well as to consider what thoughts, feelings and behavior can contribute to the actualization of being in the world with mindful interest and concern for both self, other, the planet Earth, the great cosmos, and always with equal deference to all that is not yet named and that which never will be. Each panel is dedicated to one of the elementals – Fire, Air, Water and Earth – that both constitute and sustain material existence. May we recognize the paths by which to positively contribute to the enterprise of existence, not only of human beings but of all that is. May we choose the ways that allow us to  reclaim, rejuvenate and renew human being by reshaping our way of being human with and for balance, love, and care.