Description List for Portfolio Overview 2014




1. Ner Tamid (Eternal Light), Dorothy Saxe Invitational, 2003, radiant film/wire, Spertus Museum, Chicago, IL and The Jewish Museum, NY, NY (Permanent Collection)


2. Reinventing The First Temple Performance, Reinventing Ritual, 2009, The Jewish Museum, NY, NY 


3. Effluxes and Effluences Installation, Emerging Artists, 2006, Studio 18, NY, NY 


4. Emanating Stars, Friedman Gala Tribute Event, 2010, Mosaic Law, Sacramento, CA


5. Emanating Stars, Detail, Friedman Gala Tribute, 2010, Mosaic Law, Sacramento, CA


6. The Wild and the Tame, exhibition and performance, 2004, three-room installation, Pierro Gallery, South Orange, NJ


7. The Wild and the Tame, 2004, Detail


8. Changing the Arrangement of Stars, 2013, radiant film/silhouette/wire 


9. The Wondrous Well in the Desert, Dura Europos, 2010, Philadelphia Art Museum, PA 


10. Descend Deep into the Heart of the Flame, Fear Show, 2010, Tangent Gallery, Sacramento, CA


11. Heel Toe Walk Slant Step-Transformation of Heart-The Alchemy of Walking, Slant Step, 2012, UC Davis-Nelson Gallery, Davis, CA


12. Seder Plate, 80 Artists at the Passover Table, 2009, splatter covers/radiant film/letters/found objects, Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, CA


13. Liberation Garden, Window Installation, 2010, radiant film/splatter covers/wire/wood/fabric flowers/manna, Afikomen Judaica, Berkeley, CA


14. Liberation Garden, 2010, Detail, Efflux/Outpouring (Blue & Violet)


15. LIberation Garden, 2010, Detail, Efflux/Outpouring (Liberty in Green & Red)


16. The Manna Redemption, 2003, installation with sound, Betty Rymer Gallery/The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL


17. Textile Collage (Napkins, Placemats, and Deathcamps), New Authentics, 2008, digitally printed collage on sticky-back vinyl, 10′ x 16′ mural, Spertus Museum, Chicago, IL


18. Textile Collage (Placemats, Napkins and Deathcamps), 2008, Giclee archival digital print, 23”x 32”


 19. Fabric Collage (Pink Paisley), 2013, Giclee archival digital print, 32” x 21”


 20. Pink Power and Truth on The Plaza, Performance at Civic Center UN Plaza, San Francisco, performance document/digital photograph, 2013