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Women of the Book: International Women’s Torah Project

Cheselyn Amato lives, works and strives by the light of the way of Kabbalah and the mystical Tree of Life. She makes work as the embodiment of circumstance for Shekinah, Indwelling Presence, on the occasions when She Descends Amongst Us. I am committed to striving – within the framework of Jewish identity and Judaism, and as a humanist and an interreligious activist for coexistence and synergistic amalgamation of difference – toward a healed, whole and thriving world.

I am interested in the sacred, in sanctity, in the presence of divinity in the everyday, in life lived every day. I make work as a tool to encourage and generate thoughts, feelings and actions that honor the most expansive in human being, our capacity for love, generosity, and humility.

Cheselyn Amato is an interdisciplinary visual artist and designer, Jewish thinker and practitioner, Kabbalist, interreligious thinker and activist, secular humanist, global citizen, and nomadic temple builder. Her work is enacted as witness to awe, sublimity and delight. The work is made as cue, prop and instigator of experience, of presence, all that is revealed when we pay close attention: look and see, listen and hear.

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