Cheselyn Amato – Artist Statement – April 11, 2014


Cheselyn Amato – Statement

April 11, 2014


All my work is because of the wonder, awe and delight I experience every day any day in the most ordinary to ceremonious circumstances. I make work in whatever media and across disciplines and dimensions that best re-present the experience I have had and re-create the conditions for someone else to have a similar parallel experience. I wake up and go to sleep and engage with living in between in a perpetual state of paying attention and readiness for experiences – perceptions and sensations. I find that living in this stance holds the potential to raise and sustain quality of life to a place of no measure. The intention of my work is to acknowledge, honor, appreciate, celebrate, kvell, linger, luxuriate, and swoon over the kind of beauty that causes awareness, consciousness, mindfulness, rapture, edification, and joyous delight. The mission of my work is to serve as a reminder as well as to make central, promote, and amplify vibrant living with curiosity about what is possible and an eager willingness to receive and accept the opportunities that arise.


The submitted portfolio offers an introductory overview of my multi-disciplinary visual practice including drawing, collage/montage, sculpture, installation, observational photography, digital prints on paper & canvas, and performance. Certain works that I make lend themselves to multiple forms of presentation. I photograph my physical one-of-a-kind works of sculpture, drawing or collage and print them digitally on paper, canvas, or mural scale. I find that each medium – each form of production and reproduction – reverberates with different but equivalent significance. Some of my photographic work results from the most conventional act of capturing what I simply notice/see/find/discover literally as I walk along – basically a found object approach to photography or like observational art-making using the camera.


In other works, I essentially stage 2D and 3D visual events expressly to capture them photographically with the intention to make high quality archival digital prints on fine art papers and canvas. I have also been experimenting with inexpensive, lower quality printing that succeeds in communicating the most important qualities of the image because I am interested in the access that the everyday poster print offers to the widest audience.  I construct collages – by classic cutting and pasting as well as digital layering techniques – using a vast array of material, and then scan and print them resulting in a montage effect.


A more recent addition to my practice, I have been writing script and performing often in my installations that operate both as stage set and ritual context. They are in effect designed spaces, places, and circumstances for heightened experience. I do hope that the work I am doing succeeds in assisting anyone who might be on the threshold transformation. My greatest wish is that, on encountering the work, the marvelous ah ha moment arrives, prompting a smile, yes, I can, and great enthusiasm for what is possible and for the sheer existence of possibility itself!