Artist Statement

Everything I make is designed as a trigger or context for the experience of enchantment, wonderment, awe, and delight in the face of ever-present uncertainty. And, I work across dimensions with whatever media that can most strongly hold and carry my intentions as I go along. I am celebrating the power of positive thinking and feeling, and offering an invitation to active commitment to discerning and reaching for each our own fullest human potential. Everything that we really need is always with us!

“I am celebrating the power of positive thinking and feeling”

Cheselyn Amato is an interdisciplinary visual artist, experiential designer, sanctity-imbued space/place designer, and a sound and spoken-text improvisational performer committed to the celebration and healing of self, others, humanity, the world, and the cosmos. She makes work to constantly rediscover love and loving and to keep the embers of transformational possibility stoked. All the work is made as cue, prop and instigator of the experience of presence and sanctity amidst the contradiction and suffering that also attends to the human experience. She works across visual disciplines including two- and three-dimensional phenomena as well as time arts (sound, movement, color and light effects, projection and video) to effect living circumstances where the ordinary and the extraordinary may interact.